Joint Meeting of KL2 Directors, TL1 Directors, and Workforce Development EC

Session Items
02:30 pm ~ 02:35 pm
Welcome and Introduce Agenda
Cynthia Morris, Oregon Health & Science University
02:35 pm ~ 03:50 pm
Impact of COVID-19 on Training and Career Development: Feedback from K Scholars, T Trainees, and Program Leaders
Moderators: Jason Umans, Kathryn Sandberg, Erica Rosemond, Joan Nagel, Cynthia Morris
03:50 pm ~ 03:55 pm
Plans to Deliver Content from Prior Agenda
Susan Pusek, University of North Carolina
03:55 pm ~ 04:00 pm
Wrap-up and Adjourn
Susan Pusek, University of North Carolina
Session Date
02:30 pm - 04:00 pm