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Administrative Assistant

The goal of the JCTS COVID-19 Special Issue is to create a “playbook” to be able to quickly respond to similar experiences in the future. Writing teams have been gathered to fulfill the purpose of preparing draft manuscripts. There are 15 writing teams addressing a variety of COVID related topics, as such, to provide uniformity across all these topics, we request each manuscript to address the following: 

  • Overview of current practices of your topic area prior to COVID-19
  • How practices were altered/redefined/modified streamlined to address the challenges and exigencies of the COVID-19 pandemics
  • What were the key lessons that were learned
  • Which, if any, extraordinary practices developed as a response to COVID-19 should now become standard, and which, if any raised sufficient concerns that they should not be continued or perhaps even considered in the future in the face of a similar public health challenge
  • If a similar public health challenge occurred in the future, what would be the sequence of actions you would take in response