Four women who 'make health equity research run' at Mayo Clinic

Headshots of Monica Albertie and her team

Monica Albertie leads a small but mighty team of four research operations and program managers at Mayo Clinic, and they have a very important charge: Keep Mayo health equity research running full steam at all times.

The team, part of the Center for Health Equity and Community Engagement Research, supports dozens of research teams across Mayo Clinic. The team helps researchers write protocols and submit IRB applications, works side by side with community partners to coordinate food drives, organizes town halls to debunk vaccination myths, and much more.

Lately this work has intensified due to the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on people in Black, Indigenous and people of color, often referred to as BIPOC, communities and due to recent social unrest.

We sat down with Albertie and her team — Adeline Abbenyi, Noreen Stephenson and Farhia Omar —to discuss current events pushing health equity into the spotlight, along with their passion for the work and the importance of Black History Month (February).

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