Implementation Science (IS) Optional Module


Implementation Science (IS) is the study of methods to promote systematic uptake of research findings and other evidence-based practices (EBPs) into routine clinical care, thus improving health care quality and effectiveness.  The Translational Research Institute (TRI) will expand IS capacity and research productivity to address NCATS’ mission to rapidly advance interventions and integrate research results into health care settings and communities. We will create a comprehensive package of innovative training programs, integrated quality improvement initiatives within UAMS and ACH clinical locations, and a Rural Implementation Research Network (RIRN) in PCMHs across the state to serve as a "laboratory" for mentored IS research training. When fully realized, the training package (already underway) will be a nationwide leader for IS training. Further, the RIRN will be the only primary care research network of its kind in the nation focusing on developing and testing implementation strategies.