Using Network Science to Increase Collaboration Across the CTSA Consortium

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University of Florida Clinical and Translational Science Institute

Since 2012, the Network Science Program at the University of Florida Clinical and Translational Science Institute has conducted research and implemented interventions on the collaboration networks of researchers at UF. The program currently aims to apply accumulated methods and experiences to other research institutions and to facilitate interventions on cross-institutional collaborative relationships. Our completed and ongoing projects include (1) exploring and measuring research collaboration network structures at UF and between CTSA Program hubs, (2) designing network interventions to bring researchers together based on their collaboration network profile, (3) examining topical overlap within existing collaboration networks, and (4) exploring the use of topic overlap among researchers to identify high-potential collaboration opportunities for individuals and groups to consider for future research endeavors. Collectively, these projects shed light on underlying patterns and determinants for scientific collaboration and provide valuable insight into opportunities to increase research innovation and impact for individuals and institutions across the CTSA consortium.