Trial Innovation Network – Practical Resources to Support Multi-Site Trials in the CTSA Program

Trial Innovation Network – Practical Resources to Support Multi-Site Trials in the CTSA Program

The Trial Innovation Network (TIN) is an established partnership with the CTSA Program, the National Center for Advancing Translational Science (NCATS), and other NIH Institutes and Centers.  Currently (AUG 2019) the TIN is supporting 212 projects, including 134 active studies that represent 59 therapeutic areas.  These projects create opportunities for the CTSA Program Hubs, the Trial Innovation Centers (TICs), and the Recruitment Innovation Center (RIC) to collaboratively improve multi-site clinical trial design and performance.  TIN projects are housed in a REDCap database and shared across the CTSA Program via the authenticated space of the TIN website and dashboard.  2019 enhancements to the TIN processes and IT platforms have addressed tracking and communication challenges raised by the CTSAs.  Sustainable improvements specifically address site participation in TIN projects where opportunities are shared with the program hubs as “EOIs” or Expressions of Interest.   The TIN website also facilitates trial-specific communication across personnel from the CTSA hubs, the TICs and the RIC; provides data graphics, newsletters and other materials for your Investigators; and hosts monthly Collaboration Webinars that allow experts from all Institutions to share their clinical trial and clinical research expertise across the consortium.  Additional enhancements proposed for 2020 include standardized communications, site-specific or customized reporting, developing functions to promote use of the dashboard as a work cue, and opportunities to mentor junior faculty and less-experienced clinical recruitment sites. continues to serve as an open door where your CTSA faculty and personnel can ask questions and provide feedback. 



Executive Vice President for Research
Daniel E.
Ford, MD, MPH
CTSA PI and Vice Dean for Clinical Investigation
Professor, Division Director Brain Injury Outcomes, PI JHU-Tufts Trial Innovation Center (NCATS)
Professor of Biomedical Informatics
Executive Director, Meharry Vanderbilt Alliance