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    Strategies to Innovate EmeRgENcy Care Clinical Trials Network (SIREN)
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    OCTRI recruitment tips for research during a pandemic
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    Seven of the nine recipients of OCTRI Biomedical Innovation Program Awards.
    OCTRI funds 6 pilot projects for COVID-19 rapid response and digital health
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    Are you a healthcare worker that comes in contact with patients?
  • Are you a healthcare worker that comes in contact with patients? Concerned about COVID-19’s impact on the healthcare workforce? Participate in an anonymous survey at different time points to evaluate risk factors (e.g. PPE use and re-use, exposure, time-off) of healthcare workers contracting COVID-19. The survey should take about 3-8 minutes to complete. Those with and without COVID-19 tests are eligible including MDs, nursing, EMS, registration, trainees, and other groups at risk. Approved by OHSU IRB (IRB#21320). Please help distribute!

    Access the survey here: COVID Workforce Study  (www.ohsu.edu/covidworkforce)

    The objective of this survey is to protect healthcare workers by determining the impact of COVID-19 exposure, PPE use and reuse, time off, testing, area of practice, and working outside their usual scope.
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    All health care workers in the United States, including MDs, nursing, EMS, registration, trainees, and other groups at risk
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    Stay Home. Save Lives. Oregon's campaign to flatten the curve.
    OCTRI pivoting to support COVID-19 efforts in Oregon
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    Logo for the CLOUD data repository - Curated Library about Opioid Use for Decision-makers.
    Curated Library about Opioid Use for Decision-makers
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    Overview of sampling constructs in qualitative research (video)
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    Dr. Amanda Bruegl, Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at OHSU.
    KL2 scholar focused on HPV in Native American women named national fellow
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    Head shot of Dr. David Sheridan, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at Oregon Health and Science University.
    Case Study on Teen Mental Health Using Translational Science Benefits Model
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    Album art for OCTRI's podcast series, Rooted in Oregon, next to a head shot of Dr. Rebecca Spain.
    Meet Dr. Rebecca Spain, a neurologist at OHSU - Listen now (podcast)
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    CD2H Evaluator (Research Associate)

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    Diverse and happy older adults put their hands into the middle of a circle huddle.
    Inclusion of older adults in research
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    Erik Burlingame and Geoff Schau accept a $5000 check as their prize for winning the Impact Award at the InventOR Collegiate Challenge.
    Future of digital pathology leaps ahead with AI student project
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    Tallamook County Year of Wellness - Healthy bodies...Healthy minds
    Community Research - Tillamook Wellness Project (Listen now!)
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    Group of students discussing an assignment at a round table.
    Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute Awarded $19.3 Million to Build Diversity in Sciences
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    PODCAST: The Path from Research Lab to Clinic
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    Album art for the Rooted in Oregon podcast series created by the Oregon Clinical & Translational Research Institute in Portland, Oregon.
    Portland CTSA Launches Podcast: Rooted in Oregon
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    Amplifying patient and caregiver voices in clinical and translational research

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