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  • A special theme issue of the Journal of Clinical and Translational Science (JCTS) highlights the Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA) Program’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The compilation of 14 articles reflects on how CTSA Program hubs addressed the crisis, from pivoting research to creating new programs and initiatives. It shares lessons learned and discusses which practices can continue in the future to advance translational science. Among the translational approaches discussed are: using telemedicine and remote technologies for patient care and clinical research; adapting institutional review board and informed consent processes; supporting clinicians who are navigating access to COVID-19 therapies; leveraging infrastructure to rapidly create a clinical data repository and biorepositories; engaging community partners; and reexamining the root causes of health inequities in light of COVID-19.

    “We know that this will not be the last health crisis we face, and we wanted to memorialize what we did, what worked and what did not, what should be continued as common practice, and what should be avoided going forward,” write National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences’ (NCATS) Samantha Johnson, Dr. Michael Kurilla and Dr. Christopher Austin in the forward.

    The issue was published in June 2021, with support from the consortium and CLIC. Read the full JCTS special issue.

  • On February 1, 2021, CLIC will be removing user access to enter and edit Common Metrics data in Scorecard! The data for the Informatics and Careers in Clinical & Translational Research Common Metrics will be migrated to the new CM-PRISM software platform.

    Clear Impact Scorecard licenses for the Common Metrics will expire on April 30th. Hubs are encouraged to export any Scorecard data and Turn-the-Curve plans that they would like to maintain locally. Hubs that chose to continue using Scorecard for non-Common Metrics reporting can purchase licenses at

    IRB and Pilot Funding metrics have been sunsetted and are not supported by CM-PRISM.

    Please register for one of the “Introduction to CM-PRISM” webinars: Thursday, May 6th at 2:00 pm ET ~ ORMonday, May 17th  at 3:00 pm ET

  • Easily find NCATS and CTSA Program activities and information related to topics important to NCATS on the new NCATS Response page. The new page can be found in the menubar under Resources, or access the page directly here.

    Screenshot of the NCATS Response page, showing the DEI section


  • The website maintains the same functionality but with a cleaner, more user-friendly look. A few highlights:

    • The navigation menu can be opened by selecting the Menu icon in the upper left corner, next to the CLIC logo
    • Hub activities and stories are still highlighted on the homepage, plus the most up-to-date announcements and Tweets from around the Consortium.
    • The group pages have been modified so the content you need is more accessible and the layout more intuitive. Look for the group menus at the top of the group page
    • The new dynamic top tags filters enable you to easily search for trending content on the neatly-organized directory pages.

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  • The 2020 Fall Virtual CTSA Program Meeting materials are available on the CLIC website to CLIC users with an account.

    To access the materials, please visit the Program Meeting page. Full-length recordings remain available to Registered Attendees on the Program Meeting platform website (login required).