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Mayo Clinic
Humidity and the Flu

Mayo Clinic Center for Clinical and Translational Science

With the help of a local preschool Mayo Clinic researchers may have found a way to slow the spread of the seasonal flu, according to a new study in the journal PLOS One.

Researcher and senior author Chris Pierret, Ph.D., who is part of Mayo Clinic’s Center for Clinical and Translational Science, says, “Within this study we were able to show significant reduction in influenza virus survival and infectivity through the humidification of nursery school classrooms during the driest month of winter. This could be a big deal, not only to schools, but to businesses and homes.”

The group showed that artificial humidification in a non-laboratory environment has an effect on transmission and infectivity of the flu.

November 08, 2018

Dr. Robert Damoiseaux, presents first place poster presenter, Khyati Shah, with her CTSI Poster Award UCLA
UCLA CTSI Poster Awards Recognize Innovative Drug Discovery Projects


In collaboration with the University of California Drug Discovery Consortium, the UCLA CTSI sponsored a poster award competition for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars engaged indrug discovery research, across the UC system. The awards, which were presented in October at the annual meeting of the Drug Discovery Consortium at UCLA, recognize high-potential translational research from promising young scientists.

CTSI Translational Science Awardees are:

  • First Place
    Khyati Shah, UC San Francisco 
    “Aurora Kinase A Drives the Evolution of Resistance to Third Generation EGFR Inhibitors in Lung Cancer”
  • Second Place
    Calvin Ly, UC Davis
    "Development of an In Vitro High-Content Imaging Screen for Antidepressants"
  • Third Place
    Luca Gambini, UC Riverside
    "Design, Synthesis and Evaluation of Novel, Potent and LYS-Covalent XIAP Inhibitors with Superior Cellular Activity in Refractory Tumors"

November 06, 2018

University of California CTSA Consortium Advances Translational Research at Annual Meeting


UC BRAID, a health research collaboration of CTSAs at five University of California medical campuses, held its annual meeting at UCLA on October 2-3, 2018.  With over 80 registrants, participants engaged in cross-discipline roundtables focused on new recruitment strategies, study designs, and health technology and data. Attendees also heard updates on innovative cross-UC collaborations and clinical research resources, including a study-activation project plan and a universal video and e-consent biobanking tool, both from the UCLA CTSI; a virtual biospecimen discovery tool from UC Davis; and a clinical trial and investigator search tool from UC Irvine, UC San Diego and UC San Francisco. 

UC BRAID stands for University of California Biomedical Research Acceleration Integration & Development. UC Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco formed the consortium in 2010 to develop a shared infrastructure that accelerates clinical and translational research to improve health.

November 05, 2018



The Affordable Care Act appears to have narrowed disparities in health insurance between Latinos of Mexican heritage and people of other Latino heritage in California, according to new research in Health Affairs. Nonethless, health care disparities between the two groups remain considerable because of legal status, income and English proficiency.

For this study, researchers analyzed survey responses from more than 42,000 Latinos of Mexican heritage and more than 11,000 people of other Latino heritage to the California Health Interview Survey, which  includes data from people in all 58 counties in California. The team, which included CTSI TL1 fellow Joseph Viana, a graduate student at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, compared changes in health insurance coverage and access to and use of health care services among Latinos ages 18 to 64 before implementation of the main provisions of the Affordable Care Act (2007-13) and after (2014-16).

November 05, 2018

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