Cleveland CTSA Team Publishes First Ever Retrospective Case Study Publication in JCTS


A group of evaluation researchers at Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) hubs are conducting retrospective case studies to evaluate the translational research process. Earlier this year, Dr. Clara Pelfrey and the CTSA evaluation researchers petitioned the Journal of Clinical and Translational Science to include retrospective case studies as a manuscript category. The objective of these studies is to deepen knowledge of the transitional process and identify contributors to successful translation.

Clinical & Translational Science Collaborative of Cleveland members Dr. Kelli Qua, Shannon Swiatkowski, and Dr. Clara Pelfrey teamed up with Dr. Gurkan to investigate the successful translation of the HemeChip using a protocol for retrospective translational science case studies of health interventions developed by the CTSA evaluation researchers. Their findings have recently been published in the Journal of Clinical and Translational Science: "A Retrospective Case Study of Successful Translational Research: Gazelle Hb Variant Point-of-Care Diagnostic Device for Sickle Cell Disease".

CTSA Program In Action Goals
Goal 3: Promote the Integration of Special and Underserved Populations in Translational Research Across the Human Lifespan
Goal 4: Innovate Processes to Increase the Quality and Efficiency of Translational Research, Particularly of Multisite Trials