CLIC to CCOS: Transition Update – Technical Development

A picture of Monikka Ravichandran, the Technical Development Team Lead under a banner that reads "Clinical and Translational Science Awards Program Coordination, Communication, and Operations Support" with colorful, abstract shapes.
The CCOS Communications Team is led by Monikka Ravichandran, MS

Greetings from the CTSA Coordination, Communication, and Operations Support (CCOS) Center! In this transition update, we’ll be introducing our 6th and final team – Technical Development. This team is led by Monikka Ravichandran, MS, a software developer with years of experience in designing, developing, and delivering software to achieve optimal user experiences. Creating and launching our new CCOS website has been a huge undertaking, and thus, Monikka is supported by a robust team of 9 other staff including software engineers, web developers, data architects, AWS cloud administrators, and more.

The Technical Development team builds new, modern web applications using Cloud technologies and tools to accelerate development and increase the reliability, security and scalability of our applications. In addition, our staff have been working collaboratively across all CCOS teams and very closely with NCATS to ensure that our new website will be ready to launch before CLIC sunsets next month. Stay tuned for further communications and more details about the new website in the coming days.

Our Technical Development team will also provide expertise needed to collect, analyze, and display data related to the strategic management of the CTSA Program. After the website is launched, the team will lead efforts across CCOS to build technical systems to support the CTSA Program. We will also develop processes and systems to enable data sharing and collaboration across the CTSA Program hubs so that relevant knowledge can be shared quickly across the consortium.

As a reminder, CLIC will fully transition all CTSA-related responsibilities to CCOS by the end of June. CCOS has over 50 staff with a variety of skills and expertise, working in cohesion to support the CTSA Program. The six teams are:

  1. Logistical Support
  2. Cross CTSA Communication
  3. Collaboration and Team Science
  4. CTSA Impact Analysis
  5. Training and Support
  6. Technical Development

We hope these transition updates have helped you understand more about our team and how we are working to support efforts to advance clinical and translational science.