The CLIC UN Meeting on Addressing the Opioid Crisis

In a world where collaboration and shared knowledge have the potential to bring about change the Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA) Program, in partnership with CLIC (the Center for Leading Innovation & Collaboration) presents an important event.

What’s It About? The CLIC UN Meeting on Addressing the Opioid Crisis is an initiative aimed at utilizing the collective expertise of CTSA Program hubs and their partners. It serves as a call to action providing an opportunity to connect exchange insights and develop strategies to combat the opioid crisis that has affected communities nationwide.

Getting Involved; For information about this event, such as the agenda, featured speakers and registration details please visit clic content/clic un meeting making connections tackle opioid crisis. This meeting offers you a platform to contribute towards finding solutions.

The Power of Collaboration; This event highlights the significance of working. It encourages participants, from CTSA hubs to combine their knowledge and resources in order to foster innovation when it comes to addressing the opioid crisis.

Mark Your Calendar; Make sure you save this date and actively participate in this endeavor. While tackling the crisis is a complex challenge by joining forces we can drive change with this meeting serving as our initial step forward. Be a part of this impactful event where we come together to connect exchange knowledge and take a stand against the opioid crisis.