The First CLIC-Funded Synergy Paper Team

We’re thrilled to announce a milestone in our efforts to connect research with practical solutions! The first team funded by CLIC has embarked on an exciting journey that promises to make a tangible impact.

This exceptional initiative, which you can find detailed at clic content/first clic funded synergy paper team focus solutions bridging gap between research represents a collaboration. Researchers from CTSA hubs have come together to address urgent challenges in translational science.

The synergy paper approach emphasizes the importance of collaboration and generating papers that provide real world solutions. It showcases the strength of knowledge and the potential for transformative change.

Feel free to visit the link and delve deeper into this pioneering team, their mission and how this initiative is set to revolutionize research. It’s an opportunity to learn, make connections and contribute towards finding solutions.

Rest assured we’ll keep you updated on their progress, insights and outcomes as they work towards bridging the gap, between research and practical applications.
The adventure has just started and we warmly welcome you to come along! Come and join us as we celebrate the launch of the inaugural Synergy Paper Team supported by CLIC funding and embark on this thrilling journey together.