Patients vs. paywalls: Is the U.S. ready for open-access publishing?

"In my view, it seems inevitable that U.S. scientific publishing will follow Europe’s lead and continue to move towards an open-access model. To survive financially, however, publishing companies will need to adapt and innovate, finding new ways to reduce costs and generate revenue rather than relying on traditional subscription fees."

Scientific publishing giant Elsevier recently came under fire after its director of scholarly communications, William Gunn, wrote a controversial tweet in response to a post that “people shouldn’t have to jump through hoops” to access important medical research.

In response, Dr. Martin Zand, co-director of the Center for Leading Innovation and Collaboration (CLIC), weighed in on the concept of clinical research and open-access publishing, evaluating the current available models of scientific publishing, and offering potential solutions as U.S. moves forward.

Read his full article on STAT News.

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