Clinical trials from a community perspective: "Authenticity is priceless"

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Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic researchers work with community leaders who help us understand the best way to address community health concerns and reduce health disparities. Clarence Jones is a community leader who works with Dr. LaPrincess Brewer and the Fostering African American Improvement In Total Health (FAITH!) project. Clarence recently authored an article for Mayo's Advancing the Science blog sharing his thoughts and experiences on the importance of engaging communities in clinical trials. He also shared some important tips for researchers on how to improve inclusivity.

The bottom line: The value of authenticity is this work is priceless

CTSA Program In Action Goals
Goal 2: Engage Patients and Communities in Every Phase of the Translational Process
Goal 3: Promote the Integration of Special and Underserved Populations in Translational Research Across the Human Lifespan