DIAMOND Portal aiming for "20 in 2020"


The DIAMOND project is interested in exploring collaborative opportunities between our respective CTSAs.

DIAMOND is an NCATS-funded online learning community that showcases education and training resources for clinical and translational research professionals. The Diamond Portal is an online repository of competency-based education and training resources and assessment materials that have been developed and contributed by CTSA sites and partner organizations.

The Portal is free for anyone to use, and continues to grow in both scope and reach. Since its launch in September 2018, the DIAMOND Portal has received more than 275 resources from 15 contributing CTSA institutions, clinical research professional associations, and private companies. In fact, DIAMOND has been accessed by individuals in more than 25 countries and currently has more than eight users a day visit the Portal.

We would like to increase the number of CTSA institutions that contribute to the Portal over the coming year. We want your institution to be a part of this growing community supported by NCATS and CLIC, as this is a great way to disseminate your CTSA-created educational resources to influence the research community.

What are ways we can collaborate?

  • Contribute training resources to the Portal
  • Contribute educational assessments
  • Identify and retrieve trainings & assessments
  • Promote DIAMOND on your website and newsletters
  • Invite us to speak to your organization via Zoom
  • Other innovative ways you propose

20 in 2020!

We are aiming for a goal of having 20 more CTSA institutions upload at least five educational/assessment offerings to the DIAMOND Portal by the end of 2020. We would love to include your institution as a collaborator as we disseminate information about DIAMOND. We are truly hopeful that we can collaborate with you in a mutually-beneficial partnership to increase clinical and translational science workforce development in our respective communities and beyond. Additionally, all content placed on DIAMOND has PlumX metrics freely available so that you can track the use of and engagement with your specific resources.

Want to Learn More?

If you would like additional information about DIAMOND, view our instructional video. You can also visit the Portal site to learn more about how to become a contributor. We also welcome your questions, so please reach out to the DIAMOND Team via email.