GHUCCTS breaks down "The Added Value of Partnerships in Research" in recent webinar

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The GHUCCTS Participant Advisory Board (PAB) was created to represent and include participating volunteer's ideas and goals in the planning, recruitment, implementation, evaluation and dissemination of clinical research studies of GHUCCTS. The mission of the PAB is to advance equity, safety and excellence in scientific research through outreach to a multicultural community and the inclusion of the volunteer participant's voice.

GHUCCTS recently hosted a free online webinar titled The Added Value of Partnerships in Research: Effectively Engaging Communities and Patients. This webinar is now available online.

Engaging communities and patients throughout the study process can positively impact health research, particularly when addressing complex health problems. These partnerships can also increase competitiveness in research grant applications, as patient and community engagement is a growing expectation among funders. Despite researchers’ interest in building partnerships, they are often uncertain of effective approaches for engagement. Researchers may also be unaware of the most appropriate levels of community or patient involvement in their research, with variations in strength and intensity.

Our recent webinar outlines why engaging with community partners is so valuable in research, and how investigators can improve their community engagement efforts.