Mayo Pediatric Advisory Board Gives Kids a Voice in Research

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Mayo Clinic

Megan Allyse, Ph.D., is no stranger to speaking to a crowd. Dr. Allyse, a biomedical ethics researcher at Mayo Clinic, teaches medical students and makes frequent presentations to community groups. But recently she spoke to an audience she rarely encounters: a group made up entirely of people under 18. "The youngest was 11," Dr. Allyse says. "He had so much to say."

Dr. Allyse was presenting to Mayo Clinic's Pediatric Advisory Board, a group of young people who have volunteered to help shape the research that affects them. "We want to get feedback from kids about how to conduct research, how to recruit participants and how to communicate research findings," Miguel Valdez Soto, coordinator of the board, tells us. "We think it's important to give voice to the primary people who receive the service — in this case, kids."

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