New Working Groups Addressing Translational Science Issues

In 2019 we released a new Guidance for CTSA Program Groups to enhance and promote communication and collaboration at all levels throughout the CTSA Consortium. The guidance included information on our new Working Groups, which will address, optimize and/or improve thorny issues in translational science in innovative and efficient ways. Through collaboration and sharing of ideas and expertise, Working Groups are tasked to develop innovative approaches to common and less ‘wicked’ problems that are encountered (or will be encountered) in translational science and its application towards new therapies/approaches. Their activities, findings and deliverables should also contribute to the CTSA knowledge base, thus allowing us to share experiences with others within the Consortium and beyond.

Last September, we received our first round of proposals from the CTSA Community. We were very gratified with the interest generated and the broad range of topics received. NCATS Leadership, in collaboration with the CTSA Steering Committee, has selected the first 4 new Working Groups: Enterprise Data Warehouse for Research, Inclusion of Older Adults as a Model for Special Populations, Life Course Visual Toolkit Development, and Text Analytics Toward Semantic Interoperability and Data Sharing. We look forward to the output of these groups as we continue our shared quest to advance translational science. For more information about Working Groups please follow this link.


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