Study finds virtual community platform beneficial for engagement in health research

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Community engagement is the bridge that connects researchers and local communities; however, face-to-face engagement is often limited in reach and scale — especially during a pandemic. In a recently published paper, researchers from Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota evaluated the feasibility of a virtual statewide Facebook community platform to enhance public trust and engagement with health research in Minnesota.

This project was supported by grant numbers UL1 TR002377 (Mayo Clinic CTSA) (CAP, JEB, TAB, MVS, IWW, MGZR), UL1 TR002494 (UMN CTSI) (ELC, JC, ME), and UL1 TR002494-S1 (UMN CTSI) (CAP, JEB, ELL, TAB, MVS, IWW, JC, MGZR, ME), from the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences.

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