Is there such a thing as too much health care? Wright Center KL2 proposes deimplementation in JAMA Pediatrics article

child is examined by doctor stock

Wright Center KL2 Scholar Elizabeth Wolf, M.D., MPH, published an article in JAMA Pediatrics this month addressing concerns about negative health impacts from common, and often unnecessary, medical tests and procedures for young patients.

Wolf, an assistant professor in the Department of Pediatrics at the VCU School of Medicine, studies health care for vulnerable populations, well-child visits and vaccine preventable diseases.

“Children may be particularly vulnerable to some of the harms of low-value care, including radiation from unnecessary radiologic studies and alterations in the microbiome – the good bacteria that lives in and on the human body and provides important functions – from overuse of antibiotics,” said Dr. Wolf. “It’s important to stop providing low-value care so fewer patients are harmed and health care costs are reduced."

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