Toward A Distributed, Benchmarking Ecosystem Using Electronic Healthcare Data

EHR DREAM Challenge

The deployment and use of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare is regarded by many as a fait accompli, despite few examples of success. Part of the allure of AI is the desire of healthcare institutions to move away from a rules-based approach to clinical care toward a data-driven model. However, in the translation of tools and algorithms into the clinic, the ability to rapidly and robustly verify the performance characteristics of an algorithm is a major bottleneck.  Barriers include inability to access data, bias in evaluation, and irreproducibility.

To overcome these challenges, Sage Bionetworks has partnered with NCATS, the CTSA Program Center for Data To Health (CD2H), and the University of Washington to launch the Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) DREAM Challenge . This Challenge represents a first-of-its-kind demonstration for using electronic healthcare patient data to prospectively benchmark AI algorithms in a community challenge.

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