VCU Wright Center Translational Scholar brings addiction research to compassionate clinical care

Caitlin Martin

Virginia Commonwealth University Wright Center Translational Scholar Caitlin Martin, M.D., MPH, joined one of her patients, Nichole Hollie, for a conversation about addiction treatment and recovery in February.

Hollie sought care at VCU Health’s OB MOTIVATE Clinic, designed for women to address substance use disorders before, during and after pregnancy. Martin was her provider.

“The care I received from Dr. Martin is amazing,” Hollie told VCU Health News. “I love coming into the MOTIVATE Clinic to see Dr. Caitlin . . . just seeing the smile on her face, or just her asking me how I’m doing, or actually caring . . . I can feel that she cares.”

Martin returned Hollie’s praise and spoke about her work at the clinic to translate research into direct patient care.

“The care within the OB MOTIVATE Clinic is evidence-based so we make sure that all the treatments that we offer to patients are based in research, and we know they’re effective,” Martin said in the video interview.

Read and watch the full story at VCU Health.

Martin is a Translational Scholar at the Wright Center, part of a cohort of faculty scientists supported and mentored by the center. She won a Wright Center Endowment Fund grant last year to study the effectiveness of an addiction treatment.

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