The COVIDome Project: a collaborative, multidisciplinary effort to accelerate translational research in COVID-19

The COVIDome Project at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus is a collaborative multidisciplinary project, led by Joaquin Espinosa, PhD, that aims to accelerate translational research in COVID19 by generating and integrating matched multi-omics and clinical datasets and making them broadly accessible through an online portal ahead of publication.

The COVIDome dataset currently consists of matched analyses of the transcriptome using RNAseq, plasma proteome using mass spectrometry and SOMAscan technology, deep cytokine profiling, plasma and red blood cell metabolomes, deep immune cell profiling via mass cytometry, seroconversion assays, and clinical data.

All data are made available through a user-friendly researcher gateway known as the COVIDome Explorer, which is equipped with online analysis tools for rapid hypothesis testing and hypothesis generation by anyone with access to internet.

The COVIDome team is composed of researchers from diverse disciplines at the University of Colorado who have leveraged existing resources, including the NCATS-funded Colorado Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (UL1 TR002535), to rapidly accelerate the multi-omics analysis of biosamples from the CU-Anschutz local COVID19 Biobank.

The first publication catalyzed by the COVIDome Project reports how seroconversion stages COVID19 into distinct pathophysiological states. Several other manuscripts are under preparation.

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