The Institute for Advancing Medical Innovation: From Bench-to-Bedside and Back Again


A Blue Ribbon taskforce convened in 2005 concluded that in order to effectively advance medical care in a region, “a strong translational research enterprise needed to be developed which could take basic discoveries from the laboratories, translate them into drugs and therapeutic devices, manage animal testing and clinical trials, and get them in the hands of groups that can advance them to market.” The University of Kansas established The Institute for Advancing Medical Innovation (IAMI) in order to meet this need and ultimately foster innovation and commercialization within the cancer and rare disease space. IAMI is a virtual biotech made up of academic and industry experienced translational scientists and project managers which leverage regional scientific assets to transform laboratory and bedside discoveries into new therapeutic approaches.  High potential academic projects are exposed to key experts from the full spectrum of translational medicine, giving early clinical input to bench projects, and bench input to clinical bed-side observations. With close ties to the Lead Development and Optimization Shared Resource, which houses high throughput screening, medicinal chemistry, formulations, and early ADME, IAMI is able to shepherd projects through the discovery pipeline and into clinical proof-of-concept.  As a public-private partnership, IAMI is able to develop de-risked projects that can then be passed to biotech partners such as BioNOVUS Innovations for commercialization, with the ultimate goal of getting innovative medicines to patients faster.