Cohorts for Change Facilitator: Tiffany Danielle Chisholm Pineda

Tiffany will be facilitating the first workshop of the CLIC Cohorts for Change anti-racism series, “Foundations for Change: Becoming a Culture-Centered Community of Practice.” Cohorts for Change is a 6-month training program focused on giving participants the knowledge and skills to further develop structural and administrative anti-racism initiatives within their CTSA Program hub. The series combines monthly live group discussions and activities with experienced facilitators plus asynchronous learning opportunities to facilitate short and long-term change.


Tiffany Danielle Chisholm Pineda has been with the University of Florida for almost 25 years and held multiple positions in various departments. She was with the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for almost fourteen years where she held the position of editor before being promoted to the education coordinator of three of the four IRBs at the University of Florida. She was also an IRB-01 board member for ten years. Tiffany thoroughly enjoyed her time there as it uniquely prepared her for the passion that formed in her for diversity and cultural competence in the research professional’s community.

In her five years with the UF Clinical & Translational Science Institute, she has helped create the Diversity and Cultural Competence Council and developed multiple interactive trainings aimed at causing paradigm shifts that will lead to eliminating the personal biases that we all have.

What interests you personally about the Cohorts for Change Workshop Series?

While I am a facilitator for the Cohort for Change series, I fully expect to grow, learn, and evolve in this process. I am personally interested and excited about a group of individuals CHOOSING to come together and equip themselves to effect change for the better. You can’t force change on a person, but you can present them with proof contrary to some of their soon-to-be-previously limiting beliefs. This workshop series is an opportunity for people to willingly equip themselves to be anti-racist, which will positively impact the organizations, people, and communities they represent.

What are three takeaways you hope the pilot group of participants will have from the Cohorts for Change series?

First, that they matter and are capable of effecting change. Second, I want each participant to know at any given time they can choose to expand, grow, and evolve. It is a choice to remain stagnant. Lastly, I want each participant to know that change does not happen by accident and that they must first embody any change that want to see in the world.

Finish the following sentence: You will know the pilot of the Cohorts for Change Anti-Racism Workshop series was successful when…participants face challenging situations and even though they may be afraid, they see them as opportunities to use the skills, tools, and information they did not have previously. And maybe just maybe, they can help someone else begin their journey to being anti-racist.

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