The Fundamental Characteristics of a Translational Scientist

Translational science is defined as the field of investigation focused on understanding the scientific and operational principles underlying each step of the translational process. Further development of the field is advanced by describing the key desirable characteristics of individuals who seek to uncover these principles to increase the efficiency and efficacy of translation. The members of Translation Together, a newly launched international collaborative effort to advance translational innovation, present here a consensus representation of the fundamental characteristics of a translational scientist. We invite all stakeholders to contribute in the ongoing efforts to develop the field and educate the next generation of translational scientists

C. Taylor Gilliland, Julia White, Barry Gee, Rosan Kreeftmeijer-Vegter, Florence Bietrix, Anton E. Ussi, Marian Hajduch, Petr Kocis, Nobuyoshi Chiba, Ryutaro Hirasawa, Makoto Suematsu, Justin Bryans, Stuart Newman, Matthew D. Hall, and Christopher P. Austin
ACS Pharmacology & Translational Science
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