Metadata Annotation DREAM Challenge Launched!

The NCI CBIIT Semantic Infrastructure team collaborated with Sage Bionetworks, Clinical Data To Health (CD2H), and the DREAM Challenges organization to announce the official launch of the Metadata Automation DREAM Challenge which is open for submission February 10th through April 24th 2020. 

Challenges are meant to enlist citizen scientists in helping solve big problems. This particular challenge is an information technology challenge, potentially aimed at what are now called Data Scientists and Informaticians, though no knowledge of biomedical sciences is required to participate.

In this Challenge, we are asking participants to develop tools that will automate metadata annotation on structured data files provided on the challenge site using NCI CDE metadata including NCI Thesaurus concepts. The Metadata Automation DREAM Challenge will use a Model-to-Data Approach, whereby submission will take the form of a Docker tool, containing instructions for preprocessing and annotating on the data files provided.

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