Want to better connect with the CTSA Community? Try tags!

Tags help you connect on CLIC

One of the best ways CTSA Program members can share their work and spark discussions with colleagues across the consortium is to use tags when submitting ANY content on the CLIC website. 

Tags are a way to mark your content on the CLIC website so that it can be grouped together with other posts that share the same topic. For example, if you’re submitting a Consortium News post to the website about, say, your hub receiving a pilot grant to perform a clinical trial on opioids. “Grant,” “opioids,” and “clinical trial” would all work as relevant tags. 

Using that clinical trial example, you might be part of a hub that is in the beginning stages of planning for its own trial. Searching for content with the “clinical trials” tag could bring you to webinars on conducting a trial, connect you with colleagues experienced in trials, and other useful resources from around the consortium. 

But it’s not just news posts that can have tags attached. All submitted content to the CLIC website is designed to work with tags, including user profiles, event notices, educational resources, and even job postings. That way, anyone that clicks on or searches those tags will be able to find that news post, along with anything else that shares those same tags. 

To get started with using tags on the CLIC website, visit the CLIC Library video on tags.