Research Clinic Manager

Department: MED-Preventive Medicine
Salary/Grade: EXS/9

Job Summary:
Is the senior administrative position in a research clinic within a department & provides thought leadership to develop strategic administrative initiatives that meet the mission of the business area. Oversees the effective, compliant, & efficient daily management of all operational, financial, & business functions in support of the business area's mission & in coordination with central offices such as HR, Budget, Facilities, and IT. Represents business area on internal & external business affairs & is viewed as an expert resource regarding the research clinic.
*Note: Not all aspects of the job are covered by this job description.

Specific Responsibilities:
Tactical implementation of the following:
• Budget & Financial
• Human Resources
• Clinical Services
• Facilities & Safety
• Faculty Support
• Grants & Contracts
• IT Services
• Regulatory Compliance
• Strategic Planning

Budget and Financial
• Prepare budgets and justifications for proposal submissions and work with other institutions to assemble the necessary pieces.
• Manage the clinic-related budgets for all ongoing studies. This includes authorizing all expenditures, reviewing budget statements and ensuring that staff are allocated correctly while not going over budget.
• Work with outside vendors to purchase new equipment and negotiate service contracts. Work with NIH Project Office staff to ascertain information and ensure that contract guidelines are met.
• Responsible for approving all related clinic purchases and petty cash pay-outs.
• Responsible for ordering and authorizing expenditures for clinic structural renovations, equipment purchases and service agreements, and IT installations.
• Prepare the yearly budgets for all clinic studies which totals over $8 million.

Clinical Services
• Oversees & ensures that day-to-day operations are appropriately managed and that they are efficient and effective.
• Ensures all staff members responsible for clinical practice management receive and maintain appropriate training related to their position responsibilities.
• Identifies, manages and acquires appropriate space for the department to develop and expand clinical operations.

Facilities and Safety
• Initiate and supervise all space-related issues, including reconstruction of current space for new and existing projects. Continually monitor space usage and staff allocations. Assign space to research studies based on need while ensuring the most efficient use of the space. Complete annual space report for the department chair.
• Determine the usefulness of equipment and initiate and follow through on the proper procedures for equipment disposal. Responsible for determining the usefulness of maintaining study files on site and finding the appropriate storage space and controlling access to that space.

Human Resources
• Supervise all clinic staff in relation to staff allocation to various projects, work hours, policies, conduct, work distribution, conflict resolution, NU policies and procedures, etc. Manage the performance management process for the clinic.
• Assign staff to research studies based on the needs of the studies and the availability and qualifications of the staff.
• Responsible for hiring all new staff, promoting current staff, onboarding and offboarding staff and instituting corrective action procedures, as necessary.

IT Services
• Acts as liaison to IT management to ensure technology systems are available to meet objectives of strategic plan.
• Ensures necessary hardware, software & network infrastructure technology services are appropriated from central or internal IT. Issues work order requests directly or through support staff.
• Regulatory Compliance
• Oversees development & implementation of processes & procedures for all safety, security & compliance programs & ensures compliance with all applicable federal, state, local & NU laws, regulations, policies & procedures.
• Oversees creation &/or implementation of associated training.

• Manages the clinic staff which consists of over 20 employees.

• Performs other duties as assigned.

Qualifications: Skills

• 4 years' administrative experience including budgets, finance, grants, facilities, &/or human resources; or other relevant experience.

Qualifications: Experience

• The qualified candidate would need to know NU systems as well as have a working knowledge of various NU departments. In addition, they will need a background working with laboratory and other medical equipment such as blood pressure instruments, phlebotomy supplies, centrifuges, ultra lo-temp freezers, etc. The candidate would need familiarity with and understanding of medical testing and procedures as well as medical emergency procedures. Excellent writing skills are a requirement for the position as well as the ability to interact with all levels of staff and investigators. The ability to manage a large number of people and handle emerging crises is also a required skill.
• Successful completion of a full 4-year course of study in an accredited college or university leading to a bachelor's or higher degree in a major such as business, accounting or related, OR appropriate combination of education and experience.

Qualifications: Education
Bachelor's degree
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