About the CLIC Opportunities Board


Translational science involves hard work. Finding an opportunity shouldn’t.

The CLIC Opportunities Board is the go-to resource for members of the translational science community, both within the CTSA Program network and beyond, looking to find (and post!) jobs, training opportunities, internships and sabbaticals relevant to the world of translational science.

Most of us are familiar with the struggle of finding the perfect job or opportunity in the appropriate field. Countless individuals fall victim to never-ending Google searches, incessant Indeed updates and unsuccessful LinkedIn networking. Since the CLIC Opportunities Board is tailored to those involved with translational science, members are able to filter out the noise and focus strictly on the most relevant positions. 

The Opportunities Board is a space for employers and potential candidates to easily connect and engage. This free, in-network platform is crafted to help translational science professionals, faculty and students advance their careers while helping employers attract the greatest talent for their teams.

While many job sourcing sites pull together a plethora of postings from the internet, all of the positions listed on the CLIC Opportunities Board are owned by their respective institutions and have been verified by the CLIC, preventing dated or irrelevant opportunities from cluttering the board.

The CLIC Opportunities Board is your tool. Discover the career you can build with it. 

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