Implementation Research & Health Delivery Science with Diverse Populations

poster describing research partnership between USC, UCLA and LA DHS

Since 2015, the two Los Angeles-based CTSA hubs have partnered with the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (DHS) to foster partnered implementation research in the DHS delivery system. Service cores and a competitive pilot award supported team-based research that address Health Agency priorities. The partners developed review criteria to encompass scientific value and suitability of the research questions and designs for system-wide learning and implementation. In each annual round, the partners analyzed the applicant pool and reviews and then modified the guidance and pre-application support process to improve the team science and health system engagement of applicants. Examples of funded topics include substance abuse in the county jail, antimicrobial prophylaxis after surgery, postoperative pain management to reduce opioid prescriptions, reducing non-beneficial ICU interventions, and incorporating occupational therapy into care teams to improve glycemic control. A “synergy paper” is under development in collaboration with CTSA hubs from four urban U.S. cities that includes lessons learned from this and related efforts. In our third CTSA funding cycles, the SC CTSI and UCLA CTSI seek to expand the LA program to enhance and broaden the impact of our unique academic-public partnership.

Authors: Thomas Buchanan, Michele Kipke, Allison Orechwa, Amytis Towfighi, Daniella Meeker (SC CTSI); Steven Dubinett, Anne Skinner, Deborah Herman, Moira Inkelas, Arleen Brown (UCLA CTSI); Hal F. Yee, Jr. (LA County Dept. Health Services)

Director of Programmatic Development
Administrative Director
Chief Deputy Director and Chief Medical Officer, Los Angeles County Dept of Health Services
UCLA Associate Vice Chancellor for Research