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The CLIC Resource Center is a place for CTSA Program members to share relevant and useful guides, manuals and other tools with the full consortium. This page aims to encourage collaboration and resource-sharing so that hubs across the program don’t need to ‘recreate the wheel’ every time they’re faced with a challenge or question.

These resources may be related to administration, informatics, team science or communication, among other subject matters. Similar to our Events and News pages, all CLIC website users are invited to submit resources, but must be logged into the site to access the submission form.

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The Rochester Epidemiology Project (REP) Portal

Mayo Clinic

The Rochester Epidemiology Project (REP) is a collaboration between health care providers in Minnesota and Wisconsin. This collaboration allows researchers to study health and illnesses in the people living in this community. As a way to share REP data with researchers, clinicians, and the general public, we have developed an online portal for exploring relationships between various characteristics. The portal allows users to choose two characteristics, to summarize the prevalence of each separately by age and sex, and to explore the co-occurrence of the two characteristics. In addition, users are presented with shaded maps to help visualize the prevalence and co-occurrence of the two selected characteristics across the REP region.

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