About Resources

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The CTSA Program has many resources created by the consortium. These resources include deliverables from CTSA Program Groups, Common Metrics, and CLIC sponsored Synergy Papers as well as specific call-to-action requests such as CTSA Program Poster Sessions.


The CTSA Program encourages collaboration and partnerships throughout the consortium and beyond with a goal of advancing translation science. Networks provide connections to hubs doing similar research to help foster new discoveries.


The CTSA Program has created the opportunity for researchers to share their findings with the rest of the consortium during the CTSA Program Meeting Poster Sessions. Review previous posters and discover more about what other hubs are working on.


The CTSA Program has many peer-reviewed scientific publications that help advance translational research. Browse the listing of publications from CTSA Program Groups, Common Metrics, Synergy Papers and more.

Research & Operational Tools

The CTSA Program has curated a collection of guides, manuals, and other assorted tools to increase research speed by offering answers to problems other researchers have already solved. 


The CTSA Program supports high quality translational and clinical research locally, regionally and nationally. Surveys are one way to efficiently conduct research and collect pertinent information. The purpose of a survey may be to uncover answers, evoke discussion, discover resources, guide decision-making and/or to compare results.

Additional Resources

Looking to find and share a variety of education and translational workforce development resources? Be sure to check out the CLIC Education & Career Development Gateway. Looking for resources and tutorials created by CLIC? Check out the CLIC Library. The CTSA Program Hub Directory is a great resource with hub information and representatives.