regenerative medicine

  • researcher in lab holding vial
    Emory University
    The 34th Healthcare Innovation Symposium will be held on Wednesday, July 14, 2021, 12:00-2:00 pm online via Zoom. The topic is Regenerative Medicine for COVID: Hope or Hype? Regenerative medicine cell therapies have shown great potential to modulate inflammatory and degenerative disorders. This symposium will review the rationale and current use of cell therapies to treat patients with COVID
  • Fetal Research and Therapy program at Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine
    Wake Forest University Health Sciences
    From the Bench to the Bedside: Safely Translating Scientific Knowledge to Clinical Applications This two-day conference arranged by IFeTIS and virtually hosted by the Fetal Research and Therapy Center, Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine will cover the very latest research and progress in the areas of fetal immunology, transplantation, and gene therapy. ​
  • “It is our responsibility to make sure that that we get safe and ethical products to our patients,” says Zubin Master, Ph.D., an associate consultant in the Biomedical Ethics Research Program at Mayo Clinic. “Our early experience in this process will pay off when more of these therapies become available through legal and approved pathways, and we translate them into the clinical practice for a

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    University Of Colorado Denver

    Zoobiquity Colorado: Connecting Human and Animal Health through Regenerative Medicine This unique, two-day conference aims to uncover the astonishing connection between human and animal health by highlighting laboratory and clinical research of human and veterinary investigators and fostering future collaboration across disciplines. Zoobiquity is sponsored by the University of Colorado’s Gates