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    University Of Florida

    The International Mentoring Association will host its 2022 Conference on Feb. 22-23, 2022 in Gainesville, FL. There is abundant content that will be of interest to members of the CTSA Network. In particular, Dr. Christine Pfund will be leading a Pre-Conference Workshop and will provide one of our Keynote Presentations. Dr. Christine Pfund is a Senior Scientist with the Wisconsin Center for

  • Equipping Faculty at Wake Forest and Beyond When asked the vision behind CTSI’s Mentor Academy, Claudia Olivier, PhD responded: “Every mentor needs some level of training on how to be a good—a great—mentor.” Dr. Olivier serves as co-facilitator of the 6-month Mentor Academy cohorts alongside faculty Program Leader Debra Diz, PhD. Initially created for mid-career faculty, the Mentor Academy has

  • University Of Washington
    University Of California San Francisco
    Clinical mentoring is a vital component of a comprehensive clinical training program, helping to bridge the gap between new skills, knowledge, and attitudes obtained in the classroom, and effective application of these in the health care setting. This clinical mentoring toolkit is a comprehensive guide for developing, implementing, and evaluating clinical mentoring programs. This updated edition
  • University Of Wisconsin-Madison
    Effective research mentoring relationships are critical to developing the next generation of researchers. Learn how to improve these relationships at all career stages and promote cultural change that values excellence in research mentoring as a critical aspect of diversifying the research workforce. Who We Are Researchers and practitioners dedicated to improving research mentoring relationships
  • University Of California San Francisco
    The CTSI MTP has created an integrated environment for senior mentors and mentors-in-training, encouraging creative and innovative networking, discussing a range of mentoring challenges and a myriad of solutions, developing a toolbox of strategies, and using discussions and collective experiences to build a community of mentoring excellence. Seminar topics include: Mentorship from the Beginning
  • National Institutes of Health
    Reserach Mentor Training This evidence-based, interactive approach engages mentors in collective problem solving and connects them with resources to optimize their mentoring practices. Facilitator training is alos available for those interested in learning how to implement research mentor training at their own institution or organization. Research mentor training has been tested and shown to be
  • University of Minnesota Twin Cities
    Content is organized into five modules that cover mentoring models, mentor roles and responsibilities, structure and dynamics of the mentoring relationship, and strategies for facilitating, and addressing challenges to, the mentoring process. The course engages learners through text, audio, mini-presentations, self-assessments, and other interactive activities. Learners can proceed through the
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    University Of Florida

    The International Mentoring Association Annual Conference will center around the theme: "Diversity in Mentoring Initiatives: Practice and Research." We hope you will plan on joining us from March 11-12, 2019 at the University of Florida, as this conference will provide participants with the opportunity to hear from the leaders in the mentoring field with practical ideas on a range of topics. Of