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  • “Tools and Tips for Building and Retaining Top Talent” on Wednesday, August 24, 2022, from noon-1 p.m.
    Pennsylvania State Univ Hershey Med Ctr

    Join us for the next Translational Science Seminar (TSS), “Tools and Tips for Building and Retaining Top Talent” on Wednesday, August 24, 2022, from noon-1 p.m. In this seminar, Erica Francis, administrative director for Penn State Clinical and Translational Science Institute, and Ellie Hogentogler, director of Programs and Outreach for Project ECHO at Penn State College of Medicine, will share

  • Solving complex health problems requires bringing together individuals with different perspectives, and different backgrounds in order to create novel research approaches. However, working in multidisciplinary teams brings with it a unique set of challenges to collaboration. The Community and Collaboration component of the Clinical and Translational Science Collaborative at Case Western Reserve
  • University Of Colorado Denver
    Columbia University Health Sciences
    University Of North Carolina Chapel Hill

    What is the CTSA Compendium of D&I Catalogs?

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    Vanderbilt University Medical Center
    The Georgetown-Howard Universities Center for Clinical and Translational Science (GHUCCTS) is excited to present one of its newest resources, "Ensuring Language Access and Linguistic Competence: A Guide for Researchers" at the National ResearchMatch Liaison Team Call 2022 Series. Join us Wednesday, July 27th at 2pm (ET) for this virtual event. Persons with limited English proficiency (LEP), those
  • Philip A. Cola, PhD, Director of the CTSC Regulatory Knowledge and Support Core, Associate Professor, Design & Innovation at the Weatherhead School of Management, and Assistant Professor of Medicine at CWRU, presented at this year's Association for Clinical and Translational Science. Dr. Cola presented with Ali Raja, MD, MBD from Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital; their presentation is
  • At Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, children with limited English proficiency (LEP) currently use a Communications Board and point to the need they are trying to communicate. Georgia Clinical and Translational Science Alliance's (Georgia CTSA) AppHatchery consulting and development service is helping Children’s Heathcare of Atlanta improve care for LEP patients by creating a mobile app that
  • Journal of Clinical and Translational Science

    Translational scientists create, advance, and translate knowledge as a result of research, learning, and application. Translational teams are composed of dynamic and diverse interprofessional and cross-disciplinary members that generate new knowledge to address a shared translational objective.

  • Translational Science Seminar - Center for Biodevices: Collaboration Across Disciplines - June 8 noon to 1:00 pm
    Pennsylvania State Univ Hershey Med Ctr

    In this seminar, Mary Frecker, PhD, and Greg Lewis, PhD, director and associate director of Penn State Center for Biodevices, will describe the Center’s approach toward fostering multidisciplinary research collaborations and the recommendations of a University-wide panel they have hosted on this topic. This seminar is for researchers interested in learning about cross-campus interdisciplinary

  • iTHRIV Presents: Poverty, Justice, and Surgery  The Medical Neglect of the Global South
    University of Virginia

    The Voices in Clinical & Translational Science series serves as a platform to lift underrepresented voices in research across the iTHRIV partnership with a focus on promoting dialogue and encouraging team science. This quarterly virtual seminar series is aimed at amplifying diverse perspectives in clinical and translational research to foster innovation and an inclusive environment. Presenters

  • When scientific advances burst into the news, such as a new medication to treat COVID-19 or a new concept like CRISPR for gene editing, people get a glimpse of how a scientific idea becomes a treatment or a tool. But what's the full story? Where did that idea come from? What happens in the research lab before clinical trials begin? How is scientific discovery transformed into a potential therapy

  • Congratulations to Sara Auld, MD, MSc, who received the Albert E. Levy Award for Excellence in Scientific Research, junior faculty at Emory University. “I am so grateful for the wonderful colleagues and mentors I have had the pleasure of working with over the last several years,” says Dr. Auld. “As the saying goes, ‘chance favors the prepared,’ and my MSCR training allowed me to be prepared to
  • Twitter graphic for Penn State BERD 2022 workshop.
    Pennsylvania State Univ Hershey Med Ctr

    Penn State Clinical and Translational Science Institute will present the workshop “Modeling Heterogeneous Time-Dependent Processes with Gimme and multi-VAR” There are many open questions on how best to analyze multivariate time series arising from multiple subjects. In this workshop, we will present two frameworks for modeling heterogeneous time-dependent processes, GIMME and multi-VAR. We will

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    NCATS Rapid Response Un-Meeting

    Moving scientific discoveries into the “real world” effectively, efficiently, and safely are core principles of translational science. With the advent of big data analytics and data derived from multiple sources, it has become increasingly clear that utilizing data from real-world contexts opens another key layer of the translational science process.

  • Vanderbilt University Medical Center has competed successfully for a third five-year renewal of its Clinical and Translational Science (UL1) Award by the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences. Initially funded in 2007, the renewal will provide more than $73 million for another five years to support the Vanderbilt Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (VICTR) and its

  • Call for Applications: are you an investigator looking to design an innovative clinical trial that will inform real-world practice? Would you like to explore innovative clinical trial design in the context of the full treatment development pathway with stakeholder feedback? If so, apply to take part in our 2022 Innovations in Clinical Effectiveness Trial Design Labs!
    Tufts University Boston

    The Johns Hopkins University-Tufts Medical Center Trial Innovation Center (JHU-Tufts TIC) is looking for investigators who are interested in pursuing innovative clinical trial designs to participate in its annual Design Lab workshops. The Innovations in Clinical Effectiveness Trial Design Labs, jointly run by the Tufts Medical Center Institute for Clinical Research and Health Policy Studies and

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    University of Virginia

    The Voices in Clinical & Translational Science series serves as a platform to lift underrepresented voices in research across the iTHRIV partnership with a focus on promoting dialogue and encouraging team science. This seminar series is aimed at amplifying diverse perspectives in clinical and translational research to foster innovation and an inclusive environment. Presenters will share their

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    2022 CLIC-Sponsored Hub-Hosted Un-Meeting

    The Genomic Information Commons (GIC) is an NCATS/NIH funded continuously updating, queryable, federated system enabling and promoting clinical and genomic research across eight pediatric hospitals. A GIC goal is to harmonize IT, regulatory and workflow components across sites for sharing genomic and phenotypic data (including EHR data on millions of patients), as well as biospecimen metadata on broadly consented cohorts.

    At this potentially transformative moment, GIC sites seek innovative and collaborative ideas from across the CTSA Consortium

  • It is with great pleasure that the Miami Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) announces that Olveen Carrasquillo, M.D, M.P.H., and Erin Kobetz, Ph.D., M.P.H., will join Director Ralph Sacco, M.D., M.S. and its leadership team as new co-directors. The Miami CTSI’s leadership team will evolve into a multiple principal investigator model with these three distinguished leaders.

  • Various images of the exVo platform including the Main Stage, daily schedule board, rooftop networking lounge, and tropical view from inside the venue.
    In early December, over 700 CTSA Program members gathered for the virtual 2021 CTSA Program Annual Meeting: “Intentional Disruption and Innovation: The Future of Translational Science.” This event focused on the CTSA Program hubs’ innovations that were spurred by the COVID pandemic and how to harness intentional disruption to foster similar innovation in the post-COVID world. In line with the
  • The integrated Translational Health Research Institute of Virginia, or iTHRIV, a National Institutes of Health-funded Clinical and Translational Science Award hub, has awarded almost $80,000 in seed funding across two community-focused projects. The seed grant program is part of iTHRIV’s goal to promote translational science that bridges the gap between health researchers and community. The

  • On the left a headshot of Dr. Adrian Dobs, in the top right the webinar title, in the center right the date and time (January 27, 2022 1:30-2:00 pm EST), and on the bottom right the logos of the five institutions that make up the JHCRN
    Johns Hopkins University
    As a follow-up to the 2021 Un-Meeting: Exploring the Inclusion of Community Hospitals in Clinical Research, the CLIC Un-Meetings Team is hosting a webinar of a successful academic – community hospital partnership. Join Dr. Adrian Sandra Dobs, director of the Johns Hopkins Clinical Research Network and professor of Medicine and Oncology, for a 20-minute live Zoom webinar on the topic of
  • In 2020 UC Davis School of Medicine's highest award for teaching went to Ted Wun, associate dean for research and director of the UC Davis Clinical and Translational Science Center. The award, C. John Tupper Prize for Excellence in Teaching was created by the founding dean of the School of Medicine to recognize sustained and enduring contributions to education. "Professor Wun has helped shape a
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    University Of Alabama At Birmingham

    CEI Perspectives: Community Violence - This discussion will bring together representatives from multiple organizations and groups seeking to better understand the causes, current efforts underway, and possible solutions to addressing violence in our communities. Panelists: Prim Escalona | US Attorney, Northern District of Alabama Jeremy Sherer | Assistant US Attorney, Northern District of Alabama

  • Flyer for USC CTSI Education Resource Center event on Dec 2, 2021
    University Of Southern California
    This 2-hour interactive workshop "Tips for Collecting High-Quality Qualitative Data" is based on a unique qualitative research support service offered by the Southern California Clinical and Translational Science Institute (SC CTSI) core group called Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design (BERD) and provided by Dr. Rachel Ceasar. Workshop facilitators, including Dr. Ceasar, offer tips for
  • A microscope with DNA strands in the background.

    The Center for Leading Innovation and Collaboration (CLIC), the coordinating center for the NCATS CTSA Program, is hosting this Un-Meeting. This is an unconventional meeting, which lacks the rules and structure of a traditional conference, focuses on bringing together researchers, clinicians, policymakers, public health professionals, healthcare innovators, and opinion leaders to discuss and develop innovative and effective ideas regarding climate change in human health. 
    The link between C2H2 and translational science is not intuitive for all. Working backward from climate-related disease to

  • Laura Mussulman, MA, MPH, has been named the Director of Clinical and Translational Science Unit (CTSU) Fairway at the University of Kansas Medical Center, effective Monday, November 8, 2021. Mussulman will direct all CTSU Fairway operations and supervise the CTSU nursing and research staff. She will also partner with the other Frontiers CTSUs at KUMC Rainbow, KU Wichita, and Children's Mercy

  • Harvard Medical School

    Fundamentals & Applications of Clinical and Translational Research (FaCToR) offers an overview of the concepts of clinical/translational research through the dynamic and interactive medium of online learning. As a selected participant of this online course, you will learn about the spectrum of clinical and translational research from first-in-human studies to healthcare interventions implemented

  • The Wright Center for Clinical and Translational Research welcomes ten Richmond-area community members, researchers and advocates to a new board that will foster communication between members of the community and Virginia Commonwealth University researchers. The Greater Richmond Community Advisory Board will guide and inform research at VCU by defining research priorities, evaluating projects and
  • Maria Chondronikola, Ph.D., RDN, an early-stage investigator, is an assistant professor in the Department of Nutrition, and an emergent voice at the University of California, Davis, with an impressive depth of experience in nutrition and metabolism research. Her previous studies have focused on understanding the role of thermogenic adipose tissue in health and disease, the pathophysiology of
  • Flyer for USC CTSI Education Resource Center event on Sept 9, 2021
    University Of Southern California
    This 60-minute interactive workshop is based on a recent article "Busting Myths in Online Education: Faculty Examples from the Field" contributed to the Journal of Clinical and Translational Science (JCTS) special issue on online education. Facilitators, who are also some of the article's authors, present 3 common myths in online education and 6 related case studies from faculty who have busted