Building a Successful C/T Research Career: A Webinar Series on Leadership, Communications, and Mentoring

Harvard’s recent series, “Building a Successful C/T Research Career,” invited participants this past April through May to learn from leading Harvard faculty and community members the foundational skills to build a successful career in clinical and translational (c/t) research. These include, among others, communication, leadership, and mentoring.

Incorporating content from popular in-person courses such as “Effectively Communicating Research” and “Leadership Strategies for the Researcher,” the series offered researchers around the world the chance to continue to advance their skills remotely.

This series ended June 3, 2020, but recordings of select webinars, presentation slides, and additional resources have been archived for you to access:

  • Powerful Presentations: Tools for Filtering Details and Telling a Story
  • How to Publish a Scientific Paper
  • Better Than Bullets: Transforming Slide Design
  • Honing your Standard Research Talk
  • Negotiation Skills for the Best of Times and the Worst of Times
  • Thanks for the Feedback: Skills for Giving & Receiving Feedback Well
  • Understanding Your Team
  • Empower Your Career Development Through Mentoring Relationships
  • Strategies for Navigating Career Transitions: Advice from a Panel of Mid-Career Scientists

These presentations were led by key experts in clinical and translational research and education, such as:

Melissa Marshall: Founder of Present Your Science, a consulting company that provides on-site group workshops, conference sessions, and 1:1 coaching

Elliott Antman, MD: Faculty Director of Education, Harvard Catalyst Postgraduate Education Program

Melissa Brodrick, MEd: Ombudsperson for Harvard Medical School, Dental School, and T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Learning Objectives

Building leadership strategies as a researcher
Honing effective research communication skills
Enhancing mentor-mentee relationships


Leadership and professionalism
Communication and teamwork

Harvard Medical School


Time Required

Date Created
March 12, 2020


On demand

Delivery Method