Making Real-World Data and Real-World Evidence a Reality for Translational Science Un-Meeting & Workshop


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NCATS Rapid Response Un-Meeting

Moving scientific discoveries into the “real world” effectively, efficiently, and safely are core principles of translational science. With the advent of big data analytics and data derived from multiple sources, it has become increasingly clear that utilizing data from real-world contexts opens another key layer of the translational science process. In essence, improving efficiency and safety while promoting greater innovation. However, incorporating real-world data (RWD) and real-world evidence (RWE) into existing biomedical research efforts is not always obvious. Like with every other aspect of translational science, the processes for doing so necessitate innovation. How to leverage the CTSA Consortium to continue incorporating and innovating with RWD/RWE to improve human health is exactly what this Rapid Response Un-Meeting hopes to address!




Day 1: Workshop

Day 2: Un-Meeting

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The first day of this event, Wednesday, June 8th will include multiple 20-minute case study presentations broken down into four segments with each segment having a Q/A session. This will set the stage for the second day, Thursday, June 9th, which will include brief, high-level pre-recorded presentations called 4x4’s (4 slides in 4 minutes) given by subject matter experts on a topic of their choice. These presentations will be followed by idea generation and breakout sessions driven by participants.

Please note that the presentation slides and related videos for Adit Ginde, MD, and Eric Topol, MD will not be made available on the CLIC web page.

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