Steering Committee

The NCATS CTSA Program Steering committee provides leadership for sharing of policies, practices and resources, and discussion of opportunities, impediments, joint agreement on broad issues impeding clinical research and other appropriate topics. The Committee will identify and recommend best practices and policies to advance clinical and translational research as a discipline and facilitate collaboration and sharing among CTSA Program and non-CTSA Program institutions, and with partners in clinical and translational research (e.g., industry, laboratories, hospitals). For more information on Steering Committee Roles & Responsibilities, please view the Steering Committee Roles & Responsibilities document. (Please note that this is a living document and is subject to change.)

Steering Committee Pods

The pods were created to facilitate bidirectional communication among members of our large and distributed network, ensuring that all CTSA Program PIs would be informed of discussion points and action items from executive session SC calls, and conversely that all PIs would have a mechanism to raise issues for the Steering Committee to consider.

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Pod Structure Feedback Report

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Laird, MBA, MDiv
Sr. Engagement Manager
Second Monday of every month at 2:30-4pm ET


Seeking New Steering Committee Members

NCATS is seeking nominations for new CTSA Program Steering Committee (SC) members! A total of 7 slots are available – 5 UL1 PIs, 1 KL2 PI and 1 TL1 PI. When determining appointments, NCATS considers a balance of geography, T1-T4 focus, gender, grant period, submission explanation and diversity to name a few. If you would like to self-nominate or suggest a fellow PI, please submit the PI name, institution, and brief explanation (no longer than 1 paragraph) to Samantha Jonson by Friday, November 1.

For more information, please visit the Roles and Responsibilities document as well as the SC presentation from the 2019 CTSA Program meeting.

The eligibility criteria for the 2020 – 2022 SC cohort appointments for PIs (UL1, KL2 and TL1) are as follows:

  • A PI must be officially named in the Notice of Grant Award of an active CTSA Program hub.
  • An “active” award is defined as a hub award that is not in a No-Cost Extension (NCE). A PI whose hub award is in a NCE is not considered eligible as there is insufficient time remaining in the award project period for initiation of an appointment.
  • For PIs, their hub award must have at least 3 years remaining during the project period.
  • An eligible PI has not served on the SC since December 2014. At the time the SC was reorganized in 2014, NCATS made a commitment to the consortium that all funded and eligible PIs will have the opportunity to serve 1 term before making second-term appointments.
Steering Commitee Leadership
Barry S.
Coller, MD
CTSA PI, Director Center for Clinical and Translational Science
Christopher P.
Austin, MD
NCATS Representative
Michael G.
Kurilla, MD, PhD
UL1 Members
John B.
Buse, MD, PhD
co-PI, CTSA; Professor of Medicine; Director Diabetes Center
Collard, MD
Associate Vice Chancellor of Clinical Research, Director CTSA
Hess, MD, MS
Professor of Population Health Sciences Multi-PI Utah CCTS
Imperato-McGinley, MD
Program Director
Philip A.
Kern, MD
Donald M.
Lloyd-Jones, MD, ScM
Senior Associate Dean for Clinical and Translational Research; Director, NUCATS Institute; Professor and Chair, Preventive Medicine
Mashour, MD PhD
Associate Dean for Clinical and Translational Research; Director, University of Michigan CTSA
Timothy F.
Murphy, MD
Director, University at Buffalo Clinical and Transational Science Institute
William G.
Powderly, MD
Shaker, MD
Sr. Associate Dean and Director, CTSI
Winokur, MD
Executive Dean and Director of the Institute for Clinical and Translational Science
TL1 Member
Susan S.
Smyth, MD, PhD
Chief and Director
KL2 Member
Tsevat, MD, MPH
Professor of Medicine; Director, KL2 Program; and Director, ReACH Center - UT Health San Antonio and Professor of Population Health, Dell Medical School, UT Austin
Gerald M.
Administrative Director
Trial Innovation Network Member
Daniel E.
Ford, MD, MPH
CTSA PI and Vice Dean for Clinical Investigation
Center for Data to Health Member
Melissa A.
Haendel, PhD
CTSA Program Coordinating Center Member
Martin S.
Zand, MD, PhD
Co-Director, Center for Leading Innovation and Collaboration; Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Research
Past Co-Chair
Brady, MD, PhD
Executive Secretary
Samantha G.
Jonson, MPS
Special Assistant to the Director