Steering Committee

The NCATS CTSA Program Steering committee provides leadership for sharing of policies, practices and resources, and discussion of opportunities, impediments, joint agreement on broad issues impeding clinical research and other appropriate topics. The Committee will identify and recommend best practices and policies to advance clinical and translational research as a discipline and facilitate collaboration and sharing among CTSA Program and non-CTSA Program institutions, and with partners in clinical and translational research (e.g., industry, laboratories, hospitals).

Steering Committee Pods

The pods were created to facilitate bidirectional communication among members of our large and distributed network, ensuring that all CTSA Program PIs would be informed of discussion points and action items from executive session SC calls, and conversely that all PIs would have a mechanism to raise issues for the Steering Committee to consider.

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Last update:
10/04/2018 - 12:29pm

CLIC Staff

Karen Grabowski

Karen Grabowski Pic
Karen Grabowski

Committee Members

Kathleen Brady Medical University of South Carolina
Christopher P. Austin NCATS

Executive Secretary
Samantha Jonson NCATS

Ebony Boulware Duke University
David Center Boston University Medical Campus
Dan Cooper University of California - Irvine
Donald Lloyd - Jones Northwestern University at Chicago
George Mashour University of Michigan
Reza Shaker Medical College of Wisconsin
Harold Collard University of California, San Francisco
Tim Murphy State University of New York at Buffalo
Barry Coller Rockefeller University
Brad Evanoff Washington University at St. Louis
Phil Kern University of Kentucky

TL1 Member
Susan Smyth University of Kentucky

KL2 Member
Joel Tsevat University Texas Health Science Center

Center for Data to Health (CD2H) Member
Melissa Haendel Oregon Health and Science University

CTSA Program Coordinating Center Member
Martin Zand University of Rochester

Alan Green Dartmouth College

Jane Atkinson NCATS
Penny Burgoon NCATS
Ken Gersing NCATS
Michael Kurilla NCATS
Mary Purucker NCATS
Anna Ramsey-Ewing NCATS
Erica Rosemond NCATS
Clare Schmitt NCATS

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