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Per the Guidance for CTSA Program Groups document, all hubs are allowed one voting member on each Enterprise Committee (EC). All EC Full Membership calls are open and anyone within the consortium can attend.

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Lead Team Chair

  • Lisa Cicutto
    Director, Translational Workforce Development and Director, TL1 Program
    University Of Colorado Denver
  • David Ingbar
    Professor of Medicine, Pediatrics, & Integrative Biology & Physiology; CTSI Associate Director
    University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Lead Team


Cindy Mark
CCOS Meeting Coordinator
Coordination, Communications and Operations Support (CCOS)

Goal: The translational science work has the skills and knowledge necessary to advance translational discoveries.

This Enterprise Committee focuses on:

  •  Building an environment that supports and values translational science as “the place to go” for those who want to pursue high-impact careers in health sciences.
  •  Training and educating a world-leading, continuously learning workforce.
  •  Developing a translational science workforce that can meet the needs of today and tomorrow.
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