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Best Fertility Pills For Men Reviews 2024: Benefits, Dosage, Price & Side Effects – Our Top 3 Fertility Pills For Men Products Review

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We personally test every product in our reviews and guides and create each post without any external influence. By ordering products anonymously and using independent testers, we gain first-hand experience and provide data-driven recommendations. If you use the links we provide to purchase products, we receive a commission as an affiliate. Learn more.

The best fertility pills for men are optimally designed with scientifically substantiated amino acids, minerals, vitamins, plant extracts, and other natural compounds to support maximal fertility capacity in guys.

These expertly crafted dietary supplements require no prescription and have no known negative side effects. However, they are all backed by satisfaction guarantees that allow you to get a refund of the purchase price should you be unhappy with the results.

As reassuring as that is, we believe you’ll love the impressive results you can achieve with these 3 high-level fertility support supplements. Now, let’s cut right to the chase.

   Best Product
 Volume Pills Image TableSemenax Table ImageVigRX Plus Male Enhancement Pills Image Table
ProductVolume Pills
SemenaxVigRX Plus
EffectsMax. volume
Increase control
✓ Improved fertility
Better control
Max. volume
Improved fertility
Boost sexual mood
Erection control
Improved fertility
Side Effects
✓ NO side effects✓ NO side effectsNO side effects
Content60 tablets120 capsules60 tablets
Dosage2 times daily4 times daily2 times daily
Enough for
30 days30 days30 days
Price59,95 USD
59,00 USD
69,95 USD
 Buy nowBuy nowBuy now

The 3 best fertility pills for men in 2024 are:

#1 VigRX Fertility Factor 5—Best Fertility Pill For Men
#2 Semenax—Best For Promoting Sperm Quality
#3 Volume Pills—Best For Enhancing Semen Volume

We’ve found VigRX Fertility Factor 5 to be the best of the best fertility pills for men. An impressive formula crafted with 5 all-natural compounds, including Tongkat Ali LJ100 and BioPerine, this excellent supplement packs a powerful punch with excellent absorbability.

That said, all 3 of the best fertility pills for men should deliver elite fertility enhancements for guys looking to improve their chances of conception. It’s important to point out that some fertility issues require medical evaluation. Fertility-support pills are for men who want that extra boost who do not suffer from such conditions. We use the term “fertility pills” to mean pills that support and optimize a healthy man’s ability to conceive when medical intervention is unnecessary.

Should You Try The Best Fertility Supplements For Men?

A landmark clinical review published in the Journal of Human Reproductive Sciences concluded that male fertility issues are responsible for about half of all couples’ inability to conceive and that this is due mainly to decreased semen quality and suboptimal sperm parameters.1

A separate clinical review, which looked at over 50 years of research studies on the matter, noted that there has been a significant decline in semen volume and sperm production for the average man over the last several decades.

So, not only can men’s fertility issues be a substantial problem for a couple’s chances at conception, but this debilitating predicament may be getting worse.

The good news is that the best fertility pills for men can promote:

  • Better Sperm Counts
  • Improved Sperm Shape
  • Greater Sperm Motility (Movement)
  • Increased Semen Volume
  • More Forceful Ejaculation

The best fertility pills for men utilize scientifically supported compounds to directly target the cells, glands, and organs that contribute to a man’s reproductive capacity.

With continuous use, these formulas help to enhance the efficiency with which the entire reproductive system works, contributing to significantly greater fertility capacity.

The best fertility pills for men could provide some benefits in just 4-6 weeks, with outcomes improving over time, assuming continuous daily use. If you’re new to supplementation or have health concerns, consult your physician before trying a new dietary aid.

The Top 3 Best Fertility Pills For Men

Now, it’s time to dive head first into the 3 best fertility pills for men available in 2024.

We’ve done our homework, and we can tell you that all 3 of these health supplements could help you to be more fertile, and some may also have other added benefits for your sexual wellness.

Are you ready to harness the all-natural power of the best fertility pills for men?

#1 VigRX Fertility Factor 5—Best Fertility Pill For Men

VigRX Plus
Test Winner #1
Product details:

  • Enhances sexual mood
  • Improved erection control
  • Improves fertility
  • Price: 69,95 USD
  • Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The #1 best fertility pill for men, VigRX Fertility Factor 5 combines 5 compounds that operate synergistically to maximize a man’s fertility capacity.

Made in the USA and manufactured in cGMP-certified facilities, this established all-natural fertility support system has been helping men become more fertile for several years.

Evidence indicates that VigRX Fertility Factor 5 can be highly effective for most men with no reported negative side effects.

VigRX Fertility Factor 5 Reported Benefits

Scores of men have received ample assistance from VigRX Fertility Factor 5, with many guys raving about the excellent benefits the supplement has helped them achieve.

VigRX Fertility Factor 5 may help promote:

  • Greater Sperm Count
  • Improved Sperm Morphology (Shape)
  • Enhanced Sperm Motility (Movement)
  • Increased Semen Volume
  • Boosted Libido

The average supplement response time for VigRX Fertility Factor 5 is about 4-6 weeks, meaning with daily use, you should notice some of these benefits within that timeframe.

However, longer-term use is recommended to experience progressively growing improvements.

How To Use VigRX Fertility Factor 5

VigRX Fertility Factor 5 is incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is take a single capsule daily.

VigRX Fertility Factor 5 Formulation Details

As stated above, VigRX Fertility Factor 5 is designed with 5 uniquely powerful ingredients that work cohesively to maximize a man’s fertility wellness.

The primary ingredients are:

  • Tongkat Ali LJ100
  • Panax Ginseng
  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  • BioPerine

It’s clear this accomplished ingredient list could have substantial benefits for men’s reproductive health.

For example, Tongkat Ali, scientifically known as Eurycoma longifolia, is a revered flowering plant that can be found growing wildly in the jungles of Southeast Asia, where it has a long history of usage for supporting men’s reproductive health.

Tongkat Ali LJ100 is a patented extract of the plant designed by researchers affiliated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Malaysian government to provide higher concentrations of the plant’s beneficial bioactive compounds.

A study of 75 men having trouble conceiving in a relationship, published in the Asian Journal of Andrology, found that participants supplementing with Tongkat Ali extract daily exhibited improved sperm parameters, with 14.7% conceiving within 3 months.1

The inclusion of BioPerine, a U.S.-patented bioavailability enhancer in VigRX Fertility Factor 5, means it should be significantly more absorbable than most fertility supplements, another huge bonus of this formula.

VigRX Fertility Factor 5 Pricing & Savings Deals

A bottle of VigRX Fertility Factor 5 (1-month supply) costs $43.97.

You’ll save more when you buy 3 or more bottles, each costing you $39.97.

Plus, when you order from the manufacturer’s official website, you’ll be covered by the money-back satisfaction guarantee and get free shipping on all orders over $200 in the continental USA.

VigRX Fertility Factor 5 Pros & Cons

There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that VigRX Fertility Factor 5 is the best fertility pill for men. Here are its pros and cons.


  • Contains Tongkat Ali LJ100 (A Patented Extract)
  • Utilizes BioPerine (A U.S.-Patented Bioavailability Enhancer)
  • Excellent Ingredient Makeup
  • Made In The USA
  • Manufactured in cGMP-Certified Facilities
  • Generous Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Significant Savings On Bulk Orders


  • Can Only Be Purchased Online

The pros of VigRX Fertility Factor 5 enormously outnumber the cons. However, you’ll need to order the supplement online.

Where To Order VigRX Fertility Factor 5

Go to the official VigRX Fertility Factor 5 manufacturer’s webpage for the lowest prices and additional perks.

#2 Semenax—Best For Promoting Sperm Quality

Second #2
Product details:

  • Boosts sex drive
  • Improves sperm count
  • Increases semen production
  • Price: 59,00 USD
  • Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Second among the best fertility pills for men, Semenax is well-equipped with an array of all-natural molecules reported to improve sperm quality and semen volume.

Designed and manufactured inside cGMP-certified facilities in the United States of America, Semenax adheres to the strictest standards in the industry, making for a reliably excellent product every time.

Additionally, a clinical study of 78 men determined that participants who took Semenax daily showed an increase of 20% in ejaculate volume after 2 months.

Semenax Reported Benefits

Men worldwide have gotten elite aid in maximizing components of reproductive health while using Semenax in recent years.

That’s because Semenax may help promote:

  • More Voluminous Seminal Plasma
  • Thicker, More Substantive Ejaculate
  • Enhanced Sperm Shape
  • Strengthened Force Of Ejaculation

With daily use, Semenax users can expect to experience some or all of these benefits in approximately 4-6 weeks. However, some men may notice some benefits sooner.

It’s important to remember that, as with all the best fertility pills for men, continuous use over the long term should yield even more excellent outcomes for your reproductive wellness.

How To Use Semenax

Semenax is relatively easy to use. It’s recommended to take 4 capsules daily, with some food, to help maximize benefits.

Semenax Formulation Details

Semenax is formulated with a wide variety of scientifically supported compounds, including vitamins, minerals, seed and berry molecules, as well as various plant extracts.

The primary ingredients are:

  • Vitamin E
  • Zinc Aspartate
  • Butea Superba Root
  • Maca Root
  • L-Carnitine
  • L-Arginine HCL
  • L-Lysine
  • Pine Bark Extract
  • Catuaba Bark
  • Muira Puama Bark
  • Epimedium Sagittatum Leaf
  • Hawthorne Berry
  • Cranberry Seed Extract
  • Avina Sativa Seed Extract
  • Tribulus Terrestris Vine
  • Sarsaparilla Root
  • Swedish Flower Pollen
  • Pumpkin Seed

This dynamic ingredient list comes with a plethora of reproductive support compounds, many of which have been used to promote men’s sexual health for many years.

A key ingredient, zinc aspartate, takes zinc, a preeminent precursor for healthy sperm production, and makes it more absorbable by combining it with aspartic acid. This means you should be able to derive more reproductive empowering nutritional value from zinc aspartate.

A clinical review published in 2018 concluded that oral zinc supplementation can improve sperm motility in men with reproductive issues.1 A 2020 clinical analysis reported that the concentration of zinc in a man’s seminal plasma is associated with sperm quality, further underscoring zinc’s importance for men’s fertility.

Other primary ingredients like the amino acids l-carnitine, l-lysine, and l-arginine HCL have well-established benefits for men’s sexual wellness. For instance, a 2023 clinical analysis determined that l-carnitine can positively impact a man’s fertility.

Semenax Pricing & Savings Deals

A bottle of Semenax (1-month supply) costs $59.95.

Ordering in bulk will save you money.

Like this:

  • Buy 3 Bottles, Pay $51.65 Per
  • Buy 6 Bottles, Pay $48.33 Per
  • Buy 12 Bottles, Pay $33.33 Per

When you order from the official Semenax website, you’ll automatically get an excellent money-back satisfaction guarantee and free shipping in the continental USA.

Semenax Pros & Cons

Semenax should definitely be mentioned among the best fertility pills for men. Here are its pros and cons.


  • Utilizes A Highly Absorbable Form Of Zinc
  • Employs A Trio Of Potent Amino Acids
  • Overall Dynamic Ingredient List
  • Manufactured In The USA
  • Made in cGMP-Certified Facilities
  • Excellent Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Outstanding Discounts On Large Orders


  • Can Only Be Ordered Online

Clearly, Semenax’s pros heavily outweigh its cons. However, it can only be ordered online.

Where To Order Semenax

Head to the official Semenax webpage for the best prices and all the other advantages.

#3 Volume Pill—Best For Enhancing Semen Volume

Volume Pill
Third #3
Product details:

  • Stronger erections
  • Better performance
  • Maximum semen volume
  • Price: 59,95 USD
  • Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The third of the best fertility pills for men, Volume Pills, makes use of an impressive mix of ancient Chinese herbal therapeutics and a pair of patented compounds to boost men’s reproductive wellness.

Designed in the United States of America, Volume Pills is manufactured in cGMP-certified facilities and has been helping men support healthy fertility for multiple years.

Volume Pills Reported Benefits

Reports indicate that Volume Pills can assist men in boosting multiple elements of sexual health and reproductive wellness, potentially resulting in life-altering advancements.

Volume Pills is designed to promote:

  • Increased Ejaculate Volume
  • Boosted Ejaculatory Force
  • Greater Libido

Volume Pills users may experience many of these benefits in about 4-6 weeks, the average supplement response time. That said, some users can experience benefits sooner.

Regardless, with continuous usage, Volume Pills should yield progressively improving benefits for men’s fertility capacity over time.

How To Use Volume Pills

Volume Pills is extremely simple to use. The manufacturer recommends ingesting 2 capsules with an 8 oz glass of water daily.

Volume Pills Formulation Details

As we mentioned, Volume Pills contains an assortment of traditional Chinese herbs which may work synergistically to support ample reproductive capacity.

The primary ingredients are:

  • Ling Zhi Fruit
  • Emblica Officinalis Berry
  • Fucus Vesiculosus Root
  • Hong Hua Fen Flower
  • Rou Gui Bark
  • Tian Men Dong Root
  • Xian Mao Root
  • Dong Chong Xia Cao Fruit
  • Ku Gua Fruit
  • Arjuna Bark
  • 4,5,7 Trihydroxyflavone
  • Solidilin
  • Drilizen
  • Zinc Gluconate

While many of these natural ingredients may appear foreign to many, a plethora of this formula’s herbal compounds have been used to boost men’s fertility in China for centuries.

For example, ling zhi, also known as Reishi mushroom, has a long history of use for supporting men’s reproductive wellness, primarily in China. It’s considered an adaptogen that could help mitigate the negative effects of chronic stress while reducing inflammation and oxidative stress.

A study of older male lab mice noted that subjects given extracts from ling zhi, aka Reishi mushroom, over a 2-week period exhibited significantly enhanced testicular androgen levels and improved sexual wellness.1

Additional primary ingredients, Drilizen and Solidilin, are plant extracts that can help improve blood flow to reproductive organs and promote greater libido, respectively. Furthermore, zinc gluconate can help to support healthier sperm formation.

Volume Pills Pricing & Savings Deals

A box of Volume Pills (1-month supply) costs $47.97.

Purchasing 3 or more boxes can save you a pretty penny.

Like this:

  • Buy 3 – 6 Boxes, Pay $39.97 Per
  • Buy 12 Boxes, Pay $33.33 Per

You’ll automatically receive the generous money-back satisfaction guarantee and free shipping in the continental USA on orders over $200 when you order from the official Volume Pills website.

Volume Pills Pros & Cons

Volume Pills has been considered by many to be one of the best fertility pills for men for some time now. Here are its pros and cons.


  • Utilizes Multiple Ancient Fertility Enhancement Compounds
  • Powerful Overall Ingredient Makeup
  • Made In The USA
  • Manufactured in cGMP-Certified Facilities
  • Generous Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Good Savings On Large Orders


  • Must Be Purchased Online

As you see, Volume Pills comes with far more pros than cons. That said, you can only purchase it online.

Where To Order Volume Pills

Check out the official Volume Pills webpage to find the lowest prices and added perks.

Added Tips For Improving Men’s Fertility Capacity

Using the best fertility pills for men should help you to maximize fertility capacity and promote multiple aspects of sexual health.

However, we can also take advantage of fertility-friendly life choices, which could provide additional fertility and reproductive wellness support.

These include:

  • Maintaining A Healthy Body Weight—Increased body fat has been associated with diminished fertility capacity in men. Therefore, staying in good shape and limiting unhealthy body fat accumulation is vital.
  • Eating A Nutrient-Rich Diet—Consuming a well-balanced diet, full of fertility-friendly nutrients, on a regular basis can go a long way to maximizing reproductive wellness. We’d recommend consuming plenty of lean meats, organ meat, seafood, nuts, seeds, leafy greens, and berries to promote optimal fertility outcomes.
  • Get Plenty of Sleep—Getting about 7-9 hours of restful, uninterrupted sleep every night can help promote multiple health aspects. Restful sleep can help to lower stress levels, which are damaging to reproductive wellness. Plus, most sperm is produced while we sleep.

Using these practices, along with the best fertility pills for men, should massively improve most men’s fertility capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do male fertility pills do?

Male fertility pills are supplements aimed at enhancing sperm quality and boosting the likelihood of conception. These pills typically include vitamins, minerals and nutrients crucial for healthy sperm production.

How do male fertility pills function?

These pills work by providing nutrients necessary for optimal sperm production and quality in the body. Key ingredients like zinc, selenium and folic acid play roles in sperm development, mobility and maintaining DNA integrity.

Do male fertility pills actually work?

The effectiveness of fertility pills can vary among individuals. Some men may notice improvements in sperm count and quality potentially increasing the chances of conception. However outcomes may be influenced by factors such as the root cause of infertility.

Are there any side effects linked to male fertility supplements?

Most male fertility pills are generally safe with side effects since they predominantly consist of vitamins and minerals. Nonetheless it’s advisable to seek advice from a healthcare before incorporating any supplement into your routine particularly if you have existing health conditions or are, on other medications.

What is the recommended duration for men to take fertility pills to achieve results?

The duration may differ based on the persons health and the type of supplement. Typically it might take a months to notice enhancements in sperm quality. Healthcare providers commonly suggest sticking with supplements, for a minimum of 3 to 6 months.

Best Fertility Pills For Men—Parting Words

Unfortunately, fertility issues plague many men these days, and some evidence would indicate the problem is worsening.

The good news is that thanks to recent scientific and nutritional advancements, we’ve been given elite fertility supplements for men.

If you’re struggling with debilitating fertility issues, try the best fertility pills for men to get the best all-natural assistance.


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