About The CTSA Program

What is the CTSA Program?

The purpose of the CTSA Program is to get medical and population health interventions to patients and populations more quickly, and to enable research teams, including scientists, patient advocacy organizations and community members, to tackle system-wide scientific and operational problems in clinical and translational research that no one team can overcome in isolation.

Program Goals:

  1. Advance clinical and translational science: develop, demonstrate and disseminate scientific and operational innovations that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical translation from identification to first-in-human studies to medical practice implementation to community health dissemination.
  2. Promote partnerships and collaborations to facilitate and accelerate translational research projects locally, regionally and nationally.
  3. Create, provide, and disseminate innovative research programs and partnerships across institutions and communities to address health disparities and deliver the benefits of translational science to all.
  4. Create and implement scientific and operational innovations that increase the quality, safety, efficiency, effectiveness and informativeness of clinical research.
  5. Provide a national resource for the rapid response to urgent public health needs.
  6. Create, provide and disseminate clinical and translational science training programs for clinical research professionals of all disciplines on the research team.
  7. Create, provide and disseminate clinical and translational science training and career support programs for translational scientists.
  8. Foster the development of the emerging field of translational science.

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What is a CTSA Program hub?

A CTSA Program hub is defined as a UL1 award with a linked KL2 award and an optional TL1 award. In any particular fiscal year, if NCATS granted a no-cost extension (NCE) to an existing CTSA Program hub award, the Center would not count that NCE-status site as a funded hub during that fiscal year. Therefore, that NCE-status site would not be reflected in the table.

Currently, more than 50 medical research institutions across the nation receive CTSA Program funding, and these hubs work together to speed the translation of research discovery into improved patient care. Visit the CTSA Program Hub directory to learn about each hub.