Common Metrics


In order to maximize the CTSA Program’s impact, NCATS is developing and disseminating a set of Common Metrics (CMs) for use by the CTSA Program hubs as a tool for collaborative strategic management.  The CM initiative aims to capture data related to important functions and activities of the CTSA Program.

The CMs are intended to help the CTSA Program make significant and measurable improvements towards achieving strategic goals in two main categories:

  • Clinical and translational science research workforce development
  • Excellence in clinical and translational science research

The CTSA Program aims to achieve these goals within the network, collectively and at the hubs, locally. The CM initiative intends to show how the strategic management of translational science research can directly lead to demonstrating and improving the impact of the CTSA Program and improve public health.

Common Metrics Executive Team

  • Harry Selker (Tufts)
  • Anantha Shekhar (Indiana)
  • Harry Shamoon (Einstein – Montefiore)
  • Bradley Evanoff (Washington University of St. Louis)
  • Michele Kipke (University of Southern California)
  • Becky Moen (Duke)
  • Bill Trochim (Weill Cornell)
  • Phil Lee (Clear Impact)
  • Denise Daudelin (Tufts)
  • Raquel Ruiz (CLIC)
  • Deborah Ossip (CLIC)
  • Patricia Jones (NCATS)
  • Erica Rosemond (NCATS)
  • Tiina Urv (NCATS)


New to Common Metrics?

An overview of the common metrics initiative and training materials related to the Results-Based Accountability (RBA) Framework and the Clear Impact Scorecard platform.

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Pilot Testing of New Common Metrics

Draft operational guidelines, tools, and training resources for the common metrics that are currently being pilot tested.

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Established Common Metrics

Operational guidelines, tools, and training resources for the implemented common metrics.

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Common Metrics Success Stories

Success stories derived from the common metric data and Turn the Curve plans developed by the CTSA Program hubs, as well as reports and visualizations.

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Help Desk

Are you looking for a quick answer to your common metrics questions, or a one on one consultation with the common metrics implementation team? Send a message to our Help Desk.

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Common Metrics FAQ

The common metrics FAQ page displays recurrent questions that were raised by hubs during training and implementation calls, as well as questions submitted to the Help Desk.

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