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Development of 2017 Common Metrics

Updates for Common Metric Pilots are shared in the monthly CTSA Program Newsletter.


Informatics Common Metrics (ICM) Pilot

Goal: Improve the interoperability of data within multiple systems by making the data adhere to the FAIR data principles to ultimately enable rich machine readable data:

The Informatics Metric Pilot ended in February. Post-pilot assessments and interviews were completed and CLIC submitted a final summary report to the ICM Development Team and NCATS Common Metrics Lead. Recommendations and next steps discussions are underway with the ICM Development Team and other key stakeholders. Once an agreed-upon implementation plan is developed, the CLIC Common Metrics will communicate scale-up process and next steps to the consortium.

Metric Informational Sheet

Metric Informational Slide Deck

Informatics Common Metric Pre-Pilot Landscape Assessment Results

Informatics Metric Pilot Results Report

Questions? Contact Erica.Rosemond@nih.gov


Median Accural Common Metrics Pilot

Tufts University has summarized the Accrual Metric Pilot data, and submitted the final report. This report has been shared with the Accrual Metric Development Team and NCATS. Following that review, CLIC will schedule calls with Accrual Metric Development Working Group to discuss the report and next steps related to the Accrual Metric.

Questions? Contact Patricia.Jones@nih.gov

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