Researchers can join forces with COVID-19 Collaboration Platform

More than 400 randomized clinical trials (RCTs) have been registered on, many are meant to answer similar questions but lack any method to combine data and evidence. By aggregating evidence across these trials, we can learn about interventions for COVID-19 as quickly and reliably as possible. The COVID-19 Collaboration Platform brings disparate research teams working on the same clinical research questions together to share protocols, data, and evidence. CovidCP offers support managing collaborations, including expedited and prioritized help from the Trial Innovation Network and SMART IRB to form multi-site trials; expert statistical advice for aggregated analyses; and free data storage and anonymization through It is a partnership among over a dozen research institutions, including CTSA hubs. To learn more about the project and to submit your protocols, click the link button below.

Publishing CTSA Program Hub’s Name
Johns Hopkins University

CTSA Program In Action Goals
Goal 4: Innovate Processes to Increase the Quality and Efficiency of Translational Research, Particularly of Multisite Trials