COVID Storytelling

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Seemingly overnight, the entire world zeroed in on a single research topic.

The World Health Organization had already declared COVID-19 a global health emergency, and in CTSA Program hubs across the United States, health and medical experts faced the same urgent challenge: the speed and efficiency of today’s technologically-driven global economy that enabled the Coronavirus to spread as quickly as it did was now the very same speed and efficiency required in the fight to overcome its pandemic.

A hyperdrive of new research was needed to better understand, treat, and eventually cure COVID-19 infections— and to get there would require unprecedented collaboration, innovation, and community engagement.

Imagine overseeing the safe passage of a thousand moving parts in the darkest, most turbulent of weather conditions and you get an idea of how CTSA Program hubs have had to operate in this time of COVID-19.

With research increasing exponentially since February 2020, CTSA Program hubs have taken on the guise of air traffic controllers, managing the accelerated efforts of partner institutions to develop and implement new processes to get urgently-needed research up and running.

And once off the ground, the huge number of new clinical trials have been guided by CTSA program “flight control” toward research success and resource efficiency—for both partner institutions and the communities they serve.

Publishing CTSA Program Hub’s Name