Insights to Inspire 2021 — Informatics: The Journey to Interoperability

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Insights to Inspire 2021 is here! This year, our topic is “Informatics: The Journey to Interoperability.”

To accelerate translation, researchers need access to a broad range of data from a variety of sources (electronic health records, imaging, genetics, behavioral, etc.). These sources manage and store data differently, which creates the need for standardization. The Informatics Common Metric, which is in its second year, addresses the need to harmonize data across the CTSA Program. This will enhance our ability to collaborate on initiatives both within and outside the consortium. The metric also supports the NCATS strategic objective to “develop interoperable and integrative biomedical informatics resources to facilitate translational innovation in disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment.”

In a series of webcasts, CTSA Program experts share how to improve on specific informatics activities to move us closer toward the national mission of data interoperability. The webcasts encourage hubs to assess the current quality, completeness and standardization of their data, as well as the needs of their personnel and networks. 

The first five webcasts in the Insights to Inspire 2021 series are now available on our website. We consider these webcasts an introduction to informatics, created to build foundational knowledge and to define key terms. We encourage you to watch them in order. 

The next seven webcasts will dive deeper into specific topics and will be released at a later date.

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