KL2 scholar examines post menopause as key factor in endometrial cancer

An artistic representation of the microbiome

A study led by Mayo Clinic KL2 Mentored Career Development scholar, Marina Walther-Antonio, Ph.D., recently examined the role of post menopause in the composition of endometrial cancer microbiome.

“If the microbiome does play a role in endometrial cancer, beyond being a marker for it, this could have important implications for endometrial cancer prevention,” says Dr. Walther-Antonio.

Overall, the research team verified the main known risk factors for endometrial cancer (postmenopausal status and obesity) and identified high vaginal pH as an additional factor associated with patients with endometrial cancer.

“The new study gave us the knowledge and application needed to further develop this screening tool for endometrial cancer,” says Dr. Walther-Antonio.

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