Mayo graduate charts a career blending science with patient care

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Mayo Clinic
Jacqueline Zayas, M.D., Ph.D., with her daughter Madeline, at Match Day.

“It was surreal, it seemed like this day would never come at times,” says Jacqueline Zayas, of the many hours spent in the lab and classroom working toward her M.D., and Ph.D. For as long as she could remember, Dr. Zayas, who hails from Miami, Fla., says she would tell her family that she wanted to become a doctor. The M.D. - Ph.D. program, offered by the Mayo Clinic Center for Clinical and Translational Science, took her eight years to complete. She split up her clinical and research studies, beginning with two years of medical school, followed by four years of Ph.D. studies, and then completing the remaining two years of medical school. After the first two years of medical school, she returned to Dr. Liewei Wang’s lab for her Ph.D. program.

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Goal 1: Train and Cultivate the Translational Science Workforce
Goal 3: Promote the Integration of Special and Underserved Populations in Translational Research Across the Human Lifespan